Continental divide…a cold plunge!

Real Brown Girls

I’ve said it before…and i’ll say it again…i’m convinced that blue is God’s favorite color. My first opportunity to go scuba diving presented itself to me a few months ago in Hawaii. I’ve always loved the water; swimming, floating, watching. It’s depth and power fascinate me. So I was in Hawaii and took one scuba diving excursion and knew that this was something i’d want to do again and again. I was presented with the opportunity to become a certified scuba diver and, after some contemplation, I jumped on the chance. I’ll admit, it wasn’t all easy. There were certain aspects that I didn’t really enjoy (mostly the cramming of technical information into my brain so that I could pass the written test required to become licensed). But being in the water and observing how life under the surface moves at a much more relaxed pace was amazing to me…so…

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Hand of God

Brian Bilston's Poetry Laboetry

We cried blue murder at the time.
It was a crime against humanity,
Not an act of spontaneity
From the digits of a deity.

Still, the next week, each lunchtime,
We were all doing it.
Any aerial challenge became
An opportunity for divine intervention,
With an asphalt Ascension
Into a playground pantheon
Of class-war champions
Beckoning for anyone who could
Pull off a palm of providence
With confidence.

And although our clumsy
Sleights of hand were always exposed,
Like a bungled party trick,
It didn’t stop us from trying
To create artistry out of artifice.


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